The 7 Stage Consulting Process

the7stages_cover100[1]Nsight Business Strategies, LLC is a certified 7 Stage Turnaround consulting firm.  What that means is that we follow the 7 Stage Process created by award winning Business coach, author, mentor and business owner Carl Gould  At Nsight Business Strategies we pride ourselves on our ability to work with a business owner to analyze their business and develop easy to follow, proven strategies that create success.  The ’7″ stages are derived from the seven phases or stages of the business Success Cycle™.

Our consulting engagement typically starts with a process we call the “DISCoverY Day™“.  The DISCoverY Day™ process allows us to effectively analyze your business, identifying both the stage in the business growth cycle your business is currently in and how well the different elements of your business are aligned within that stage.  We work with you to create a straightforward, step by step strategic plan that first addresses any misalignment of the elements within the stage and then drives uniform growth from stage to stage.   Unlike other business analysis tools, the Discovery Day process is designed for the small business owner. It considers the business owner’s vision in its analysis, delivers a clear picture of your business’ strengths and weaknesses, and provides a straight forward process to address any issues.

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With the 7 Stage Process, we can provide the strategy to take a business from Start Up to a 7 Figure income.  The key for the business owner is to understand what each stage of the “Success Cycle” is and what are the business priorities of each stage.  The consultants of Nsight Business Strategies will teach you the stages, help identify what stage your business is in,  help you determine the stage you’d like to grow to and work with your company to develop the necessary steps and processes to reach your business goals.

Don’t delay your understanding of the 7 Stages of Small Business Success any longer, contact us to get started with your free initial consultation.





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